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Don't wonder any longer. Learn how I sell $3K - $6K Wedding Albums in the Design Consultation.

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Are people really selling $3k and $5k (and $6k?!) Wedding Albums to their clients consistently? Yes. Yes they are. I am one of those people, and the photographers I coach are those people too. 

So much of providing your clients with the most amazing wedding album happens in the Design Consultation (and right before it), and I teach you in this Course exactly how I prepare for and run my DC's. 

My clients leave the Design Consultation unable to thank me enough, because this amazing album means everything to them. And I can't thank them enough for rewarding me for my hard work with $$$$. Many photographers who have learned with me are doing it. You can do this too. 

Learn the how, the why, the nuts and bolts behind selling big profitable albums, and change your clients lives (and your life) doing it.

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Christine Yodsukar
Christine Yodsukar
Half Unicorn | Half Badass

About the instructor

Christine Yodsukar hails from Boston and currently splits her work/live/play time between Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, and the rest of the world. Along with her husband and business partner, she took her photography business from $100 weddings to a six figure income in just three years. You can see her frequently on WEtv, and Photography magazines like Rangefinder and Shutter as a photography and business expert. She is passionate about teaching others to grow their businesses so they too can live their happiest life!

Learn to sell amazing BIG albums to your clients, make them the happiest they have ever been, and start making a living you and your family deserve (all with clients you already have!).

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